Underground above the city!

15. května 2011 v 15:02 | sm3 |  Cestování a práce v zahraničí
Underground above the city!

"For just as Paris dictates Europe's fashion, so is the capital's fashion dictated by Corvin, and it does so with a master's hand."

The uppermost floor of Corvin department store (opened as the 'Duna' unit of the Állami Áruházak, the state owned chain of department stores in 1926 after the war, later renamed Centrum Corvin Áruház) and the huge rooftop terrace above is a significant location of the Budapest underground club scene of today.
In former times the children of the workers of the late department store spent their kindergarten years on the 4th floor. Today the bar, lounge, club - whatever you like to call it - flooded by red light has become an important scene of music, entertainment and culture in the capital. Day by day the visiting audience is entertained by Hungarian and foreign artists, concerts, parties, world music and electroclash, jazz and drum'n'bass, reggae and 4/4, exhibitions and theater plays.
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